This is my first blog here at Live Journal.. exciting stuff.. my head is swimming today. I've Just moved a load of chairs and hoovered and done a million things all by myself so i'm tired, and i can hear weird noises, which is not good while you're in a building by yourself.
Anyways, i'm feeling mostly angry at the moment. The boy situation which you know nothing about, is on my mind. I'm angry at the very fact i should wait for someone to choose me.. You either want me or you don't, it can be, and IS that SIMPLE, so stop wasting my time.. i know you're confused, but c'mon now.. be a f**k up by yourself. I am more than fucked up enough without people saying they want me, when they don't. Yes, as you can see i lack patience, but the pennies keep on dropping and i'm tired of all the bullshit. I'm a straight talking Grrl, people know this, people say they like that about me, yet don't treat me with the same respect. Grr..
I'm a Gemini, so i am always in two minds about everything.. i see both sides and it kills me.. I need to figure out my own head and stick with that decision. It is simple. I wish we (just humans in general) didn't feel the need to over complicate matters. Make it easy, cut out the grey area and deal with it..
Wow, i sound awful for a first blog. I'm just pissed off and wishing that many things were different. I guess it is up to me to change it. Fate only takes you so far...
thats it for today, well for now... i may ramble later.