The Universe constantly amazes me.
When i give up hope on things and put them aside, somehow the universe throws me a curve ball and i just don't know... ha ha
The days are currently merging into one, I'm at Ryde and Shanklin Theatre and i've lost the day entirely. I have Zombie brain i think. But thats kinda normal..
I am also broker than broke, which really sucks, esp as my car needs a MOT. I mean i have money for that, but if she dies it'll break my heart. I am far too attached to Betty.

It would seem that everything and nothing is going on... and its good and bad, i mean its all kinda a blur. Like i was saying to my mom the other day, how, when you're a Kid the time goes sooo slowly, but somehow as an adult, the time is flying by. I mean, I'm not 29.. Like how the f*** did that happen? i am mostly confused by it all...

I did have the best birthday weekend thou, amazing fun, although some of that might of been down to a hot boy.. he he ..
I must stop obsessing, that would help...